About CC


About Us

Cross Collection CC L.L.C. is one of the top online fast fashion stores in the world. Known for our footwear which will catch your eye all year round, we also have clothing & purses. Our most popular platforms are Facebook & Instagram!


With our office located in Atlanta, we’ve made our way around the public through social media! We have over 100,000 collectors following us across all platforms and we’re growing! 


Our items can be seen all over Instagram no matter if the people tag us or not CC is EVERYWHERE! We are your first go-to store for when you need that lookalike to match that fierce outfit! We also have items specifically made for OUR COLLECTORS! These handmade items are among our most popular sellers! Verified through the BBB & other partners such as Afterpay, Klarna, & ShopPay! Don't miss out, BECOME A COLLECTOR! 



 Our Mission


With a small team of three in HQ right now, we work day in and day out to make sure everything is in place and all collectors are taken care of. We add hundreds of new items weekly and we keep an eye out for the TOP looks so we can bring them to you for the BEST PRICE! Here at CC, we want our collectors to know that they are our top priority and they’re put first. If you see an item and think we should add it, contact us! If you think we should tweak our website, let us know and we will work on it! Our goal for our collectors is to make sure they feel a part of CC & they’re being taken care of.


CrossCollectionCC Come Up


Founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Cross McReynolds had a dream and nothing but time. He started as an online/in-person pickup/dropoff store by the name of “Cross Collection Accessories Boutique” after fulfilling 400+ items to the public by hand to the public he created an online store through Wix. After a few collections he knew that platform wasn’t the preference, especially for what was to come so he decided to move and partner with Shopify with the same method as before. As time went on he wanted to create the top online fast-fashion footwear store that everyone loved. He started reaching out to different warehouses that supplied different styles and items. He started to handpick items that he knew would catch the world while also being fashion-forward and now everything is history. The store was completely revamped in 2021 June and has since been in homes all around the world. AS OUR UNIQUE/TRENDY LOOK-ALIKE PRODUCTS ARE IN DEMAND FROM EVERYONE ALL AROUND THE US, WE SHIP TO MULTIPLE COUNTRIES! OUR OFFICE IS LOCATED IN ATLANTA, WITH WAREHOUSES IN THE UK & CHINA, WE AIM TO BRING YOU THE NEWEST STYLES AT A GREAT REASONABLE PRICE. EVERYTHING THAT CC HAS TO OFFER IS HANDPICKED BY THE CEO.